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How To Find A Job In Chattanooga.
The Number One Rule For Finding A Job.   ANSWER YOUR PHONE.
With everyone having a cell phone these days it has become the norm that no one answers their phone any more from numbers they do not recognize.
We all do it. However, when you are looking for a job leaving your phone number with prospective employers you better answer your phone, EVERY TIME IT RINGS if you want that job. Employers do not waste their time chasing people down or calling people back who do not answer their phone. They just simply move on to the next person on the list and you missed out on a great job because you did not answer your phone when it rang.

So many people who come through my office have no idea how to find a REAL job.
If you are one of them listen very closely this will help you.
Have you ever wondered why it is so hard for you to find a job, even that right job you would be perfect for? You've got the skills so what's the problem?
When you are looking for a job your FULL TIME JOB is finding one. That means you have to go out and beat the bushes talking to as many people as you can,
Monday through Friday starting at 8AM to 5PM EVERY DAY until you have a job.
It's being in the right place at the right time and the only one who can make that happen is you. Jobs just don't fall out of the sky.
Pick a job industry in which you are qualified to work or one you would be interested in working and contact every company and employer in that industry.
If you're a plumber contact every plumbing company. If you have experience in restaurants contact every restaurant.

Do not wait until an employer places an ad looking for help. Go straight to all the companies you would like to work for and ask them if they have a job you can do.
Most people who come to me looking for work think the way you find a job is out of the classified ads either from the newspaper or off craigslist. Many of them fall victim to Staffing agencies and Temp services that waste their time with low paying jobs, which are usually temporary jobs laying them off after 90 days. Employers use these services so they can get around paying benefits and they have a high rate of turnovers for these type jobs.
The thing about trying to find a job out of the classifieds. When you get down to where the job is there's usually a hundred people there ahead of you who saw that same ad and who want that job too.
It is why most employers do not post jobs in the classifieds because they cannot handle the amount of traffic coming in their door looking for work.
Whatever you are qualified to do or whatever kind of work you want to do. Get out the yellow pages and look up all the businesses that you want to apply to for a job. You can either call them on the phone or go by their place of business.
Although, I would recommend that you call each business going down the list in the yellow pages and ask them, "do you have a job"?
You will get 1 job offer for every 10 businesses you call.
Spend half a day calling as many businesses as you can and make a list of the ones you want to apply to.
Then go see those people.
NOTE: Do not waste your time with employers who say they are "taking applications". If someone tells you they have a job ask them what the job is and when is the job going to be available. The key is to ask, "are you hiring NOW?

Most Important.
Dress nice and appropriate when you are applying for a job.
Take a bath, brush your teeth, comb your hair and put on a smile.
Use deodorant but go very lite on the perfume or cologne.
You would not believe how many people come through my office looking like they just rolled out of bed going to look for a job.
Personal impressions and hygiene are everything when you are looking for a job.
If you have tattoos cover them up.
If you have body piercings get rid of them.
Have a good spirit, be bold and personable BUT not to personable.
Show confidence in who you are but don't be cocky.
Show a true interest in the work you are applying for but don't be a phony.
Let the employer know you can meet all the qualification for the job and that you will give it 110%.
When writing to an employer use proper grammar in your sentences.
Do not write to a prospective employer as if you are texting someone, running sentences together and using text slain.
If you have a resume offer it but don't insist they take it.
When you fill out the application answer every question and give all the information you can.
TAKE YOUR OWN PEN WITH YOU. This shows the employer you are serious.
When you fill out the application PRINT. Be legible so the employer can read what you've written.
If you have a LOT of jobs on your resume DO NOT list all of them.
Employers do not like to see that you go from one job to another. Only list the important jobs you have held.
Show a real time consistency between each job.
List your education and job experiences and any job training you may have.
Show courtesy and respect to the person who is hiring and make them your friend.
DO NOT and I cannot express this strong enough but DO NOT give the prospective employer a hard luck story.
They don't want to hear it nor do they want to employ someone who might have personal problems.
Listen more then you speak. (IMPORTANT)
Answer every question and be inquisitive about the job position showing a real interest but DON'T overdo it.
Do not be evasive in your answers and do not show that you have anything to hide.
Let the employer know you can be there every day and on time and work from their schedule and NOT YOURS.
If you want a job you have to meet their criteria.
Have a good conversation and just be you.
Sit up straight and don't slouch.
But don't overdo it.
Relax and put your best foot forward.
You will have no problem finding a job.
Follow up. Wait 2 to 3 days and then call the employers you placed your application with and ask them if they would consider you for any job position they might have.
The most important thing you can do before you go out looking for a job is to PRAY. Ask God to go with you and He will. He is the one who opens doors for those who believe.
If that's not you then find your power of persuasion by doing good works in the community and for others to create a positive energy in your own life going forward that can affect the outcome of events.
Finding a good job is important but everyone should be in business for themselves. Whether it's providing a valuable service such as lawn care or selling a good product, get in business for yourself. There are a lot of things you can do that has a low startup cost. Something you can do part time that will add an extra income to your household.
The money you make from your own business save it. Save as much money as you can.
There is an old adage that if you give someone a fish you have fed them for a day but if you teach them how to fish you have fed them for a life time.
I hope this helps you.

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