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What Is Ad Pickers?
Ad Pickers is a LOCAL Ads Page Community featuring Video Ads and Store Discounts with a focus on 6 Categories.
   Used Car Dealerships, Restaurants, Antique Stores, Lawn & Garden, Collectibles and Churches.
Each Category has a distinctive appeal to bring more traffic to the page. There is something for everyone.

We Charge To Post An Ad. Unlike other "ads pages" where your ad gets lost in the shuffle of thousands of Freebies. We guarantee your ad will be seen by the thousands of people who visit our page each day. Not only will we post your ad on the appropriate ad page but we will also rotate your ad periodically to the front page to get maximum exposure. We will also plug your business in our "Chattanooga Live" segments where we talk to people downtown on the bridge and all over Chattanooga at "LIVE EVENTS" about Ad Pickers and our advertisers.
Included in our advertisers video ad we do a complete walk through of the store or business to video merchandise our viewers are interested in shopping for.
Customers can shop our community stores 24 Hours a day. Great for those rainy days at home.
People in Ft Payne Alabama can shop stores in Cleveland or in Athens with just a click on our page without leaving home and vice versa.
We ask all our advertisers to give our viewers a Discount in their store or place of business. (OPTIONAL)
Discounts bring more Traffic/Customers to our website and to our advertisers store.
We also offer online LIVE STREAMING for advertisers having a sale and want to reach more customers.
Advertisers can also setup a live cam of their store that we will feature on the our ads page. Add $30 per month.
Our commitment is to bring TRAFFIC to our advertisers place of business.

Ad Pickers is a Family Oriented Ads Page.
Videos are screened to comply with our G Rating standard.
No, profanity, no nude photos, no rude or lewd behavior, no sexual or drug related ads are permitted.
Ad Pickers has a Zero Tolerance for Stalking or Offensive Language.  
Because we are LOCAL and Charge for our ads there are No Scammers and No Spammers on our ads page.
We know who our advertisers are.

Share Our River Bend Booth This Summer.

Hold an Online Auction. We will post your auction once a week, weekends or 24/7 if that's what you need to sell your merchandise. We can set up a live cam at your store or place of business and post your auction on our front page including posting it on the appropriate page for your ad. You can control if you run an auction on our page once a week, every day or 24/7.


Post Instructions:
Email us your Video or Picture Ad. Hit the Credit Card Tab and select the appropriate Ad.
Your Ad will be posted within 24 hours after screening.

Job Program - Ad Pickers gives people the opportunity to find good employment with businesses that advertise on our page.   Find A Job
We hire up to 20 people a week giving them temporary employment promoting Ad Pickers in the community until we can find them a real job with one of our advertisers.
Ad Pickers does not discriminate on the bases of race, sex, age, religion, creed, disability, marital status, military status or national origin.

Churches - Ad Pickers is a family oriented Ad Page with a focus on the church community. Ad Pickers will promote and sponsor Revival Meetings, Christian Concerts, Singles Events, Charity Events and Christian Store promotions.  Ad Pickers Church Page is open to all Christian Denominations.
Churches can share the Gospel with the community by posting their church services and church events on our Church Page.
"Shut Ins" that can't get to church or someone who is looking for a good church to attend can find the church they are looking for on our page.
By being a part of the Ad Pickers Church Community, local churches can cast a wider net to reach more people and gain a greater viewing audience.
Our goal is to have over 300 churches within a 75 mile radius of Chattanooga sharing their Worship Services on our website for everyone in our community to view.

Used Car Dealers - Ad Pickers give car buyers the opportunity to browse used car dealership within a 75 miles radius of Chattanooga without leaving home.
We scan the car lots of all our participating used car dealers every two weeks to give car buyers an update on new arrivals.

Restaurants - Ad Pickers advertise LOCALLY Owned Restaurants to give our followers access to special discounts. Ad Pickers will partner with Restaurants to promote other Advertisers who need a special venue for an outing or an event.

Antiques - The Ad Pickers Antique Mall is made up of local Antique stores within a 100 miles radius of Chattanooga. We give our followers the opportunity to browse hundreds of antique stores without leaving home. Ad Pickers does not sell or advertise household or flea market items in the Antiques Mall.
Our main target is antiques and collectibles that have a historical or collectible value or appeal.

Collectibles - Ad Pickers will sponsor special events that promote collectible items such as art, coins, stamps, bottles, signs, models, movie memorabilia, plates, glass and anything that is collectible.

Lawn & Garden - Locally owned lawn and garden stores, nurseries and farms.

Outdoors - Sports, boating, hunting, fishing.

Granny's Attic - Flea market treasures. We do not sell individual items. Granny's Attic is a consignment page for advertisers who sell flea market or garage sale items.

Ad Pickers Events - Car Auctions, Antique Car Shows, Motorcycle Shows, Food Bank Promotions, Singles Events are just a few of the events we have planned for this summer to promote Ad Pickers and our Advertisers.    Everyone Is Welcome To Attend.

Come Be A Part Of The Ad Pickers Community.